Our team of dive professionals is not only highly qualified and skilled but comes with invaluable experience that puts them at the top of their game.

Our team

Ivan embarked on his scuba diving journey in 2009 and achieved the status of a PADI instructor in 2012. Although he currently works as an IT technical consultant, he seizes every opportunity to immerse himself in the water and share his profound love for the ocean. Ivan fervently encourages his fellow divers to broaden their skills and knowledge through ongoing dive education. Along his path, he has nurtured numerous divers, guiding them to attain the esteemed PADI Master Scuba Diver rating, which is considered the pinnacle of recreational diving, comparable to a "black belt". This accomplishment places them in an exclusive group of divers, with less than 2% of divers worldwide achieving this remarkable distinction.

Caryn had an impressive career as a flight stewardess with various international airlines. However, her true calling came in 2015 when she became a PADI instructor. With almost two decades of diving experience under her belt, Caryn's passion lies in marine conservation. In addition to coaching adult divers, she also takes pride in teaching diving courses specifically designed for children. What sets Caryn apart is her dedication to advocating for the preservation of our oceans and coral reefs. She is not only a coral propagation trainer but also conducts courses and workshops to educate both divers and non-divers on the organic methods of propagating corals. Caryn's commitment to marine conservation is truly inspiring, as she strives to make a difference and protect the delicate ecosystems that exist below the surface of our oceans.