A review on Deep 6 Signature mask

4/18/20243 min read

When I first came to know about the Deep 6 brand, it was the Signature Regulator and Eddy Fin that first struck me. Very versatile and high-performance equipment for both sport and technical divers. Little did I know that they also have quite a range of SCUBA masks too.

The Deep 6 Signature single lens mask came to me as a tester which eventually became my primary Scuba diving mask for many reasons.

First of all, SCUBA masks are very personal and personally I prefer to use single lens mask. The Deep 6 Signature mask is of single lens type and suits me well. It’s tempered glass comes pre-coated with anti-fogging treatment that reduces fogging which diving. However, it doesn’t mean it’ll never fog, just reduced in case you’ve forgotten to clean your mask before getting in to the water. Best to still perform your normal defogging procedure before diving.

Its design is well suited for smaller faces, Asian face design as they say where the nose pocket is not too high or pointy making it easier to equalize.  It’s also low volume that allows faster mask clearing although some freediving friends may have better alternatives for lower volume masks.  Deep 6 is better known in the technical diving arena so freediving’s design probably didn’t come in mind.

The mask feels very comfortable during wearing likely due to the soft silicone seal that allows the mask to sit nicely, sealing off the contours on the face that may lead to water leaking in.  Especially at times during diving when I need look up or to the sides to spot for boats or divers.  However again, this fits well for me personally so I highly recommend anyone to try it on first before making a purchase. 

Here to the guide on how to choose a mask by PADI. This is also one of the topic that we discuss during the PADI Open Water Course

Deep 6 Signature Mask Has A Robust Frame That Prevent Lens From Dropping…. Rare… But I Experienced This With My Other Mask Before

Tightening and loosening the strap is easy and effortless thanks to the smooth buckle ratchets at the side, attached to a sturdy robust frame that feels solid and not plasticky. My previous two experiences with single lens masks were either the frame broke or decided to drop the lens altogether. Yes, the lens came off hilariously while of diving. Luckily my buddy had a backup mask and a good thing the Open Water certification recommends to have a spare mask while diving. So far, the Deep 6 Signature mask is still holding on well, hopefully to many more underwater adventures to come.

To sum in up, I’m enjoying my every dive with this Deep 6 Signature mask.  Robust, comfortable and a great field of view.  The anti-fog coating works well but defogging procedures are still recommended for best performance. It comes in two colors; black and white both etched with the signature hammerhead shark logo at the top skirting.  Check it out plus many other Deep 6 masks options and designs at TheDive.Shop by Club Nomad.

Happy diving and dive safe!!!  

** * Burning lenses of new masks is not recommended and voids mask’s warranty.  

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